Наши контакты

Наши контакты

"СИНТАГМА" — Центр Вашего Успеха!

Language courses with your future

English Language is part of your future.  But not only English. There are many reasons why English, Polish or Russian Languages are so important for you., Business, internet, university education, social media, music, travel or just because you like it! We are committed to helping you achieve your potential in your language learning!

There are many different Schools, but you definitely should study with us! Why? We're very good at what we do :-)

How to call:

(057) 754-90-02

(097) 984-67-16

(050) 516-72-53

(063) 223-15-08




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Психология в жизни преподавателя
Польская грамматика, ч.1
Изучаем русский

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