Manager’s Courses

Manager’s Courses

Our tourism courses provide the necessary training for qualified employees in the field of tourism business.
What is so cool about this profession?

This is its ease! In order to become a specialist in the field of tourism business, you should not have any special skills, you just need to be in the office, be friendly with customers and have the desire to communicate with people! And your work itself is already positive — after all you will know about all the exotic places in the world, and also get the skill to pick up stunning places at an interesting price. Perhaps, thanks to the profession of a tourism manager, you can pick up the rest for your family and friends.
On normal work, you are waiting for boring reports and documents.

After the courses of tourism you will see only posters and posters with images of the world sights of the azure coasts. Your duties will be to explore mysterious and beautiful countries around the world.

An indisputable argument for choosing a profession is the tourism manager is the opportunity to personally get acquainted with the world, not from the Internet or with the words of the best friend or friend, but with your own eyes. After all, who after all the tourism courses will be able to competently pick up any tour for the price and conditions you are interested in, and evaluate the quality of excursions and hotels!
Of course, there are their difficulties, as in every profession.

And the tourism manager has only one problem factor — the human factor. Customers can be different, and when they come to your office they may not know what they want. In this case, you need to remember that your task is to give them a wonderful rest and have the patience to listen carefully to the customer, pick up the right tour, country or tour that will satisfy his preferences both for financial and taste possibilities.
Also, you should remember about the possible «overlays» that can appear during trips.

In unforeseen situations, people always call the travel manager, so always keep the phone handy and react calmly and quickly to any situation. Seasonality of work in the tourist business starts from May and ends in September, at which time you will be needed and popular.

A pleasant moment, of course, will be the positive impressions that you will present to people! After having addressed once, they will recommend you to friends and acquaintances, as you will be able to give unforgettable impressions.
Who is enrolled in tourism courses:

18+ and further, anyone who wishes
Purpose of the course:

To teach all the subtleties of the specifics of the tourism business the necessary skills of the manager of this direction
The main differences of our courses:

We give only practical material
We do not give «water», only the necessary information on real examples
Our teachers work in tourism and can explain everything nuanced
We give practice to real work and can

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— Learning Russian.

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